A long-term, multiple-location, site-specific, performance project.

The mission of the project is to reveal and understand how Place—geographical, architectural, spiritual, and cultural—determines self. The company creates ensemble-generated work and adaptations, which they present in public performances in nontraditional theatrical settings.

The Place Project – 2011

We began the Place Project in 2011. It is a long-term project with many short-term goals:

  • To create site- specific work sprung from questions regarding Place.
  • To stage performances in surprising and provocative Places.
  • To investigate as an ensemble (and sometimes through public performance) the reading of plays, which ask questions of Place, or are of interest and relevance.
  • To investigate the relationship between place and thought and self- awareness.
  • To ask scientific questions about place and apply research to performance experiments.
  • To be mindful of our Place in the world, and observe through given stories the multiplicity of existence, which in turn, may challenge us to participate more fully in the world.
  • To create many intimate, theatrical experiences for our community, which are not limited to narrative traditional structures.
  • To provide a Place, a venue for an experience of awe and wonder. We aim to get to close with our community.

Productions that are part of the Place Project are:

Alley 38

The House

We started the Place project at the end of summer. We visited Picher, OK, the most toxic place in America- the first field trip in a series of several Superfund sites we will visit in the course of our project. We were lucky to sit on a porch with one of seven families that remain in Picher. We were pleased to learn that people will talk, but don’t always give over personal information to strangers easily. We did record an interview with a current Picher resident woman. She shared her porch with us and patiently and pleasantly obliged us the list of ten or so questions I had prepared. We also got in touch with a man who hadn’t lived in Picher since 1973 and he obliged us a recorded hour- long phone interview. He was lovely and full of stories. We talked of home and leaving home. And he talked of denial—what it’s like when a community is infected with it.

We plan on Place Project lasting some time. Please follow our process so you can get there with us.