Secret Theatre Sabine

Through a “lottery” process, 10 audience members are selected to meet the company at a location, where they are led from to the secret performance venue in an unconventional performance Place.


Audience Testimonials:

I’m still feeling all excited about what I saw!! I want more!

What an extraordinary night! I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this one. Love storytelling and diving into issues, exploring and discovering…plus meeting all these wonderful new people! My brain was quite ‘high’ afterwards. Thanks so much for the stimulation of thought!  Hope to see you all very soon again and I can´t wait for more!

Sooooo fun. A privilege to be included in such a creative, supportive and kind room of people. I am interested in each and everyone of those humans and would love to get together in a nonperformance gathering  🙂
Thanks again for allowing me a safe place to jump off and learn about myself and others….