In Spring of 2014, we premiered the first stage of development of the “The New Now” project at Tri Cycle Farm. This was the first stage of development for the performance series to be presented throughout 2014/2015.

We ask the question—are our lives “personally sustainable” in the New Now? The project investigates consciousness, presence, and interpersonal relationships in a modern world infiltrated with social media, technology and disparate narrative. We are interested in what is lost and gained with the constant use and dependence on instant information and communication. In this very early stage of development, we invited audiences to be a part of a “workshop production” which included parts from our research, which included short stories, podcasts, essays, and historical research.

Here are some of the ideas we explored:

“Connections”—A documentary television series by science historian James Burke that demonstrated how various discoveries, scientific achievements, and historical world events were built from one another successively in an interconnected way to bring about particular aspects of modern technology.

“Present Shock”—In his  book, PRESENT SHOCK: When Everything Happens Now, Doug Rushkoff introduces the phenomenon of presentism, or – since most of us are finding it hard to adapt—present shock. 

“The Cocadrille”— adapted from “Pig Earth,” a collection of essays, poems, and short stories by John Berger on the economic role of the peasant through history.

“Hikikomori”—Literally meaning “pulling inward, being confined”, i.e., “acute social withdrawal,”Hikikomori” is a Japanese term to refer to the phenomenon of reclusive adolescents or adults who withdraw from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement.