Help make community-centric, innovative performances for Northwest Arkansas! We are a nonprofit with a  501(C)3 status, so your donation is tax deductible!

A Wish List!

We need several things to make awesome theatre experiences for you! Can you help us with a few things?

  • Got space? We are looking for interesting spaces for small public performances. We are also in need of a large open indoor space for training and lab sessions.
  • Got extra mileage? We want to work with artists all over the country and need help bringing them here!
  • Got an extra bed? When we work with national artists we need a place for them to stay for 2-4 weeks.
  • Got old technology? We need tons of tech gadgets—computers, phones, calculators—ranging in age. The more old school, the better.
  • Got A high lumens projector? We could do some really cool things with one!


Want to become a sponsor?

We love our local businesses! If your business wants to partner with us, contact Erika Wilhite for more information.


We need an intern!

We could use an extra hand with all sorts of things, ranging from research to marketing. Contact Erika Wilhite for more information. Your skills will determine what role you could play with us!


Want to lend a helping hand?

We can always use some help, so if you want to volunteer a few hours to make things, assist with events and parties, contact Rachel.

Our sponsors